Frequently Asked Questions

The FAQ section contains answers to general questions related to Sybares recruitment services. You may find answers to questions about what Sybares is and what we can do for you. It also includes explanations about a wider range of our implication on the human resources in the restaurant & bars sector.

For Candidates

  • You have 2 options : 
    1) Click on "Candidates Login" at the central menu section. There you will subscribe as a candidate to our platform and apply to every job offer interests you. Bonus feature : you can make your own shortlists and reminders. 
    2) You can click on a job offer and then on the job icon. You can simply send us a mail with your name, email and CV of course !
  • Sybares is free for the candidates. We are getting paid only by your future employers !
  • Sybares updates constantly its profile database integrating usually all new candidates profiles after 24h max. After your subscription to our platform (or your direct job application on a job page), you will receive a confirmation message when we will have you registered.
    From then and on, we consider you constantly as a potential hire !
  • As you can see in our "Terms and Policies", Sybares does not communicate your information with no third party. If we would consider you a potential fill for a job openning, we always ask for your permission first prior to proposing your profile to an employer.
  • At any time you desire, you can delete your Sybares account or you can send us an email at "info-at-sybares.com" informing us so. We will delete any relevant data with your profile after 24h maximum. 
  • Our main focus is the Parisian region but we often receive job openings to fil from almost all major restaurant and bars metropolitan areas (New York, Hong Kong, London, Madrid, Sao Paolo, Shanghai).
  • Depends if you are looking for a direct client-facing position (waiter, sommelier, manager) or to a kitchen one. For the first scenario, the level of french needed depends on the place. Also there are occasionally only-english friendly positions based in Paris.
  • After we identify a match between your profile and an opening, we will contact you by email and/or telephone to check your availability. Once we have a green light from your side, we will advance to a meeting online or offline. Then the next step will be to introduce you to the Employer. 
  • Sybares is interested in applying a "profile matching" in every placement. That means that we check what your aspirations and needs are prior to any hiring. Finding you a position that matches efficiently your profile and your future workplace is our central goal !

    Moreover, we will get in touch with you after every 4-6 months to have a follow up your evolution in your new job. 

Sybares is helping you to hire your next best collaborators !

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For Employers

  • Sybares is a recruitment agency focused on the bar and restaurants sector. We are based in Paris, France and we operate in an international level, connecting local or foreign candidates to the local market or filling international openings with local candidates.
  • Please get in touch preferably via email (info-at-sybares.com) giving us your contact details, a brief description of your business and of the position you are looking to hire. We will get in touch with you right afterwards to set a meeting.

  • Sybares will launch your hiring mission as soon as you will have agreed terms with us. Depends on which of our services you desire to dispose to your mission and of the precision of the profile you are looking for. Normally our missions are between 2 weeks to 2 months. 
  • Please visit our Services page and get in touch via email at info-at-sybares.com if you have a hiring need, in order to present you our services package.
  • Sybares takes up missions in local or international level as we are working with a big network of international candidates and businesses. Also, being a 5 languages speaking team, it helps a lot :)
  • We are a mutation of those two: we take up missions for precise profile descriptions and also we offer more general hiring services that a restaurant or a bar will need. However, we are not undertaking interim hiring missions though.
  • Sybares n'offre pas de courte durée d'emploi intérimaire / occasionnel. Nous ne sommes engagés que pour placer des candidats à des missions permanentes à plein temps.