Sybares is coming !

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We are glad to announce the inauguration of our agency with our first post, folks!

Sybares aspires to become the leading player in the recruitment business covering the needs of the gastronomical catering sector (restaurants & cocktail bars). We are based in beautiful Paris, France and our focus will be primarily the local market but we aim to operate soon in an international level, taking advantage of the french brand in culinary arts and propose it worldwide.

Market Focus

The catering sector is a pretty hard one to work in, either in the kitchen or in the front of the house operations. Not only working in it is physically demanding, standing for long hours and very fast paced, it requires a cool temper and a good coherence in the team to achieve a desirable result.

This the reason why we are determined to provide a whole new approach in the Human Resources management of a restaurant or a bar, not only just to provide a new placement down the road. That said, it is true that the very sector itself is not accustomed to pure business practices, as most other sectors in the economy are. The absence of a management culture is a huge constraint. But it is a grand opportunity as well, as it offers us the space to develop something new.

So there are many ideas based on « classic » HR practices that we have in mind to -at least- try to implement in a restaurant that would have the kindness to command us for a collaboration.

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