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Sybares® is a recruitement agency specialised in Parisian gastronomy and its various,highquality establishments.
We specialize in HR counseling for employers and employees.



Sybares comes from Sybaris, an ancient Greek colony in south Italy that went down in history, because of its peoples love for luxurious pleasures and especially culinary arts.

They were that invested in eating well, that they invented the concept of intellectual property rights back in 7th century A.D. to secure the creations of their chefs: nobody could copy a plate presented in a public dinner by another chef.

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Save in time and resources.

Sybares' primary mission is to find your next team member in the fastest and most efficient way.


Searching for the next big step in your career?

We'll  help you with enthusiasm and professionalism in order to redefine together  your professional path.

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Publish your offers in all of our channels: website, social media and newsletters.

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Profit from our database of professional profiles in the domain of gastronomic catering  and cocktail bars

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Are you searching for a very specific profile? Sybares will embarque on a mission to find for you the most appropriate candidates

HR Services

We elaborate and fully facilitate your future human resources plan. Make sure you value your most precious capital, your collaborators.

Assistance d'embauche

Avez-vous besoin d'aide dans le processus de recherche, mais vous souhaitez conclure la partie d'embauche à l'interne? Sybares va le faire à votre place, vous permettant de prendre en charge le recrutement après les premières étapes de la recherche et de l'identification.

Pour les candidats

Sybares faire son mieux pour vous diriger vers vos aspirations. Nous vous proposons notre aide pour esquisser votre chemin de carrière ensemble et surtout gratuitement :)

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